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Emmanuel Lubezki ASC, AMC, the three times consecutive academy award winner, is well poised to get Oscar for best cinematography for the fourth consecutive time in 2017. The bold and stunning photography of Lubezki in ‘ Last Days In The Desert’ has already received accolades from film fraternities. And, its been widely considered by the industry that his breathtaking images from the film will certainly lead to glory at Oscars 2017.

The film is about a fictional chapter of Jesus who goes on fasting and wandering the desert for 40 days.On the Odyssey, he encounters evil, which tests his beliefs, patience, and human values. Ewan McGregor plays both Jesus and evil. And, he is expected to receive Oscar for best actor owing to his impeccable performance.

Critically acclaimed Colombian director Rodrigo Garcia has directed the film. It was exhibited in Sundance film festival, and received phenomenal response from critics and audiences. The film is slated for release in May of 2016.

Please watch the official trailer here:

Author: Balaji Thangapandian, Film Theorist

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filmtheoristIn Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, both Batman and Superman are in middle of life crisis. They are pessimistic, and doubt each others intentions. More importantly, in the comic version of Batman Vs Superman, Batman is more villainous, because of the fact that he does kill the guilty. He plays the role of both jury and executioner. Mercy is not shown for the bad, they are just killed.
When two superheroes clash, the film needs to carry the darkness and intensity throughout. Superman is not anymore a God. He gets beaten by a man, batman. The premise of Superman can do anything possible is boring. He needs to face the death.
Justice League unites all the superheroes. They all communicate with each other, resolve their differences, eventually fight against the bad. Therefore, its going to be comical and more optimistic. The shooting of Justice League begins in April of 2016, and slated for release in November of 2017.

Please access the URL for Zack Snyder’s interview to HeyUGuys:
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Hollywood was in the quest for creating American version of James Bond. They wanted their presence in the adventurous- espionage space so as to contend with British’s Bond. Incidentally, George Lucas conceived of a character, which was flamboyant and adventurous enough to compete with James Bond. The character was Indiana Jones.
Steven Spielberg had long been associated with George Lucas, and was a close friend of him. Spielberg was entrusted with the task of building Indiana Jones into a franchise by Lucas. One of the greatest storytellers of our time, Speilberg took the job. And the rest is history, as in the last two decades, four installments of Indiana Jones were made and attained critical success as well.
Harrison Ford had long been associated with Lucas since Star Wars as Han Solo. He was considered the perfect choice for Indiana Jones as he already had exhibited his expertise as an explorer. Ford was delighted when he was approached to reprise Indiana Jones for the fifth time as he always wanted to work with Speilberg repeatedly. When the film releases in July of 2019, he would have turned 70 years old. Still, fanboys and critics would admire him as Indiana Jones.
The actor was recently a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Excerpt from the show: “The opportunity to work with Steven [Spielberg] again, and the chance to revisit this character which has brought pleasure to so many people — not to mention me. It’s great fun to play this character, it’s great fun to work with Steven. I’m looking forward to it.” Says Harrison Ford Now, there is a stiff competition between Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford as to who worked maximum with Spielberg. We don’t know yet, who is going to win, but, we do know who is leading.

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We all remember, how did Christopher Nolan turn the comical batman franchise into an intensive
emotional drama, with strong focus on characters reflecting ground realities. The approach proved to be
an unprecedented success. Zack Snyder has adopted the similar strategy of making a philosophical superhero drama than a mere adrenaline rush packed typical superhero film. The film has already started receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences all over.


It starts with Batman questioning the real intentions of an alien, Superman, deemed as God by some and hated by another section of people for causing catastrophic damages ( The leveling of Metropolis in Man of Steel). The conflict arises between them, in meantime, a new threat challenging the existence of humankind surfaces. Both, superheroes sort of reconcile their differences, and eventually become friends and fight evil. The dawn of justice is born. Wonder Woman plays a pivotal role in uniting them.


Batman Vs Superman is kind of continuation of Man of Steel and marks the advent of Justice League as well.


Author: Film Theorist

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The three times consecutive academy award winner for best cinematography ( Gravity – 2014, Birdman
– 2015, The Revenant – 2016), Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC, intended to use film stock for shooting
The Revenant. The rationale why cinematographers choose film over digital camera, in the era of digital
ubiquity is that, films let them capture images with more details, which means more information can be
captured and exhibited on the screen, most importantly, films can be enlarged to larger formats on the
without pixelating or grains.

Emmanuel Lubezki started shooting The Revenant with film. The whole film had to be shot in natural
light. In order to open the eyes of a camera, massive artificial lighting is required. Therefore, film did not
work, because of poor natural light conditions, images were produced with grains.

ARRI had recently launched its digital camera and lenses for large format shooting, ARRI Alexa digital 65mm. Emmanuel Lubezki switched to Alexa digital as the main unit camera and the transition produced desired results. ‘ The Alexa 65 camera and lenses helped us express how we felt in the forest, in the snow, the subtle changes of natural light.’ says, Emmanuel Lubezki.

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Primer (2004) is arguably the best time travel, independent film ever made, based on actual science. It is mind bending and complex to comprehend. If you consider Christopher Nolan’s Memento, Interstellar and Prestige difficult to comprehend, Primer is even more challenging.

The director Shane Carruth is a flight simulation engineer turned independent filmmaker. He has probably used his technical expertise in the film as well, as the movie is loaded with technicalvocabularies, it takes separate effort to understand them first. Carruth, kind of introduced DIY ( Do It Yourself) approach. The virtue of being an independent filmmaker is to take on various roles, apart fromspearheading as director. He wrote, directed, produced, composed music, edited, designed the production and sound. The film was entirely made on a budget of 7000 USD.I deliberately don’t want to talk about the plot as its kind of open for interpretation film. On watching it,I got obsessed about the story and started diving deep into the various technical aspects for weekstogether.

I realized that I was not able to stay focused on other priorities as well. Therefore, I stopped watching Primer or at least I’m attempting to forget the film. It’s a warning. If you watch Primer, you would go into it and get lost. Do you want to?

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The man who helmed independent filmmaking along with Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and the mastermind of the franchise with biggest fan base in the history of cinema, George Lucas, is not creatively satisfied with Disney’s rebooted version of his Star Wars, as the Force Awakens has followed path of the original version. The episode VII, confirms to the typical mainstream standards and not independently made as new star wars franchise. He is again discontented by the studio system and intending to get back to independent filmmaking in near future soon.

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Stanley-Kubrick_Film Theorist

‎Stanley_Kubrick‬ was not a talented filmmaker like the ordinary. He is an epitome of obsession. Many attributed his phenomenal career to his talent. We differ. Talent makes someone the usual. Its the sheer obsession that differentiates the extraordinary from the ordinary.

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shane-carruth_Film Theorist

Shane Carruth has really proved himself as a director, as well as a writer, actor, producer, editor in both Primer and Upstream Colour. These are his movies. We dive into such a complex and well-written mind with Primer. Being maybe the most infamous of ‘confusing’ and ‘complex’ movies.
Primer is a time travel movie, following 4 dudes, Aaron (Shane Carruth), Abe (David Sullivan), Robert and Phillip, but mainly focusing on Aaron and Abe constructing their own time-travel machine.
The movie works so well as the Carruth’s idea of time-travel exists in his own movie, making it unique but also interesting and new. His own ideas of time-travel work as time-travel is not real (yet) therefore Shane uses its non-existence to his advantages, implementing points like there are two versions of you when you travel back, future and present.
The film is complex, but that’s what it’s aiming for. The script is thought out therefore makes sense (sort of) after deep analysis, thinking and research. Unfortunately, despite no errors, the movie strives on complexity and therefore doesn’t give the audience much visually with aspects like cinematography and acting.
The immense pleasure you will receive from the film stems from research and online interpretations consequently having the pleasure of realisation of certain point of the script.
Courtesy: Taste of Cinema


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- Balaji Thangapandian | BT Jason Bourne remains invincible and unprecedented, with perfect back stories relating to all the events of his past. The revenge...