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Perhaps, Stanley Kubrick is the only filmmaker, who don’t need introduction. Its always vital for any filmmaker to read his bold perspectives on filmmaking.

Don’t go in with preconceived notions

The making of any film, whatever the historical setting or the size of the sets, has to be approached in much the same way. You have to figure out what is going on in each scene and what’s the most interesting way to play it. With Spartacus, whether a scene had hundreds of people in the background or whether it was against a wall, I thought of everything first as if there was nothing back there. Once it was rehearsed, we worked out the background.

The best plot is “no plot”

I think that the best plot is no apparent plot. I like a slow start, the start that gets under the audience’s skin and involves them so that they can appreciate grace notes and soft tones and don’t have to be pounded over the head with plot points and suspense hooks.

Making a movie is kind of like getting naked

When you make a movie, it takes a few days just to get used to the crew, because it is like getting undressed in front of fifty people. Once you’re accustomed to them, the presence of even one other person on the set is discordant and tends to produce self-consciousness in the actors, and certainly in myself.

You don’t have to succeed; just don’t fail

The important thing in films is not so much to make successes as not to make failures, because each failure limits your future opportunities to make the films you want to make.

Never explain

I think it essential if a man is good to know where he is bad and to show it, or if he is strong, to decide what the moments are in the story where he is weak and to show it. And I think that you must never try to explain how he got the way he is or why he did what he did.

Source: Stanley Kubrick’s site, nofilmschool.com
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‘The thoughts need to originate from your mind. They can neither be inspiration nor influence. That’s the virtue of being an original filmmaker, otherwise, you are just an adapter.’ – BT, Film Theorist.


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