Film Theorist – BT (Balaji Thangapandian)

Film Theorist – BT (Balaji Thangapandian)

filmtheoristBT (Balaji Thangapandian) is a cinephile and film theorist. In his previous life, he was a film projectionist, and had projected more than thousand films. He seldom ate, and always confined him to the projection room. And, died because of a mechanical failure happened while operating the projector.

In his current life, he survives in wilderness, and aspires to become a filmmaker, space explorer, and entrepreneur. He is been exerting efforts in becoming all of them, but is constrained with resources needed to accomplish. Nevertheless, he keeps trying, and certain that in the current lifetime, or in future lives, he will make it happen.

Intriguingly, he had done a concept film, which was not well received and ignored by both his acquaintances and strangers. However, he has got secret admirers, who would not want to voluntarily recognize him for reasons only known to them. But, he is been relentlessly attempting in making such concept films.

The film was named ‘ Usual Day ‘.

Usual Day was an independent, experimental, abstract in nature, open for interpretation kind of concept film. It was completely shot as single shot with negligible budget. In contrary to the conventional releasing format, the Director’s Cut was released first, subsequently the regular version was released. The film was for some who prefer intriguing and unique content and not the mainstream.

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While his actions were abnormal, why was he called usual man? Why was the film called usual day?Some unanswered questions that arise while watching, may or may not answered in the director’s cut.However, it was completely left to the viewers to interpret the intended meaning, and whatever they interpret, was what the creators intended the viewers to interpret. The original/ regular version with narration in English and Tamil, was released on a week after.

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