Independence Day: Resurgence is aftermath of 96 war & perseverance of human...

Independence Day: Resurgence is aftermath of 96 war & perseverance of human kind!

We all vividly remember what happened in 1996, parts of our world were completely devastated by locusts, which move between planets, consumer their natural resources, and then move on to other planet and exhaust them.This vicious cycle of exhaustion of organic resources by aliens continue forever. They arrived in July of 1996 on earth, and unleashed their offensive powers on us. Few intelligent and brave men and women fought against the tyranny and gained our Independence back for the entire human race on 4th of July 1996.

In the next 20 years, we had been recovering from the collateral damage happened during the war, all the nations, religions, ethnicities, forgot their differences, got united and collectively contributed for the resurrection of our planet earth. In the meantime, our enemies had also took time to well prepare in order to strike us again with their advanced deadly measures.

In the meantime, on earth, humans had undergone following major events, initiatives, countermeasures, and preparing for the contingencies of aliens attacks.

1998 | Formation of ESD:
Earth Space Defense Program (ESD) as an anticipatory measure to monitor, prevent, and defend future attacks from aliens was created.

1999 | Hybrid alien fighter plane:
With the recovered weaponry of aliens, ESD managed to build a hybrid variant of alien fighter plane, infused with both human and alien technologies.

2000 | Permanent memorial to war of 96:
Las Vegas was one of the major cities, which was completely wiped out during the invasion of aliens. It was declared as the permanent memorial to commemorate the war victims.
War Memorial Las Vegas

2002 | Congo ground War:
As in any war, there is always a fraction of resistance that prevail. Similarly, aliens were not absolutely eliminated, a proportion of some still exist in the African Congo. And, ESD has been expressing support in defensive measures, but they have been declined by domestic governments for reasons unknown. The aliens are still active in that region.
African Congo Aliens War

2003 | Alien weaponry adopted:
ESD and US government had successfully adopted the alien weaponry on large scale in their defence programs.

2005 | Alien prison rumors:
It was widely speculated that aliens captured during war of 96 were held captives under a top-secret prison at Area 51. Several experiments were carried out so as to understand their organic body built up.
Alien Prison Area 51

2007 | World mourns CoL. Hiller:
The hero of the war of 96, CoL. Hiller was unfortunately killed during the test piloting of the prototype alien hybrid fighter built by ESD. Some unknown mechanical failures were attributed to the accident and untimely death of colonel. The entire world mourned.
CoL. Hiller Killed

2009 | Moon base operational:
ESD director, David unveiled the moon base, from the earth station headquartered at Beijing. The purpose of the base was to monitor and defend potential alien threats.
Moon Base

2011 | Consumer tech advances:
ESD director, David delivered a speech at Tedx, on the development of breakthrough consumer products inspired by alien technologies.
Tedx consumer conference

2013 | President Lanford elected:
First woman in history to command the oval office was elected.

2014 | Next generation hybrid fighter:
H-8 Global defender hybrid fighter was launched with unprecedented speed, maneuverability and offensive capabilities.

2016 | President’s day:
The president Lanford, honored the remarkable leadership and accomplishments of former president Whitemore, unveiled his portrait, and declared as President’s day.


2016 | 20 years of global unity:
Humans across the world, like never before were united, and prevailed in harmony and peace, not until the aliens attacked again.


20 years after the war of 1996, both humans and aliens have resurged to prove their mettle, and take control of earth again. At the moment, what we know for certain is that, we humans will not vanish without a fight, as we did the last time, and we are more resilient now!

The pioneer of global scale disaster films Roland Emmerich has reprised as director, and the following as well in their earlier respective roles:
Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson
Bill Pullman as President Whitemore
Vivica A Fox as Jasmine
Brent Spiner as Dr. Brakish Okun
Judd Hirsh as Julius Levinson

The top billed cast is Liam Hemsworth as Jake Morrison, William Fichtner as General Adams, and Malika Monroe as Patricia Whitemore.

Independence Day: Resurgence is scheduled to hit theatres on 24th June’16.

Authored by: BT, Film Theorist

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