Is X Men: Apocalypse, the Judgement Day?

Is X Men: Apocalypse, the Judgement Day?

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– Balaji Thangapandian (Film Theorist)

Why does the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse want to destroy everything humans ever built? Whom do you support? Team Defend or Team Destroy?

Team Defend: Mutants
Team Destroy: Apocalypse (Perceived god)
Team Defend
Team Destroy

‘Apocalypse was born millennia ago. And, he brought civilization to mankind. But, in turn believed he was god. Each mutant he inhabits, he takes their powers. So, he has acquired a thousands of years of multiple powers. He wakes up in 1983, to a world, that to him is one giant corrupt civilization. To have a brilliant actor like Oscar Issac embodied the villan brings a powerful complexity of the character. X Men: Apocalypse is by far the largest X Men movie, the powers of villan are much greater, and the stakes are much higher.’, says the director, Bryan Singer.

Apocalypse wants to keep the world in an order (its presumed to be good for human kind, however it is not explicitly told). When, the order is not obliged, he chooses destruction. When his biological body degrades, he transfers his consciousness to another sound mutant, inherits their strengths and prevails. He is betrayed and the process of transference is disrupted. He survives and woken up by some, only to destroy the changed world. There is also an interesting integration of origins of Wolverine.

We all agree of the fact that the world is quite corrupted with us(humans). And, it needs to be cleansed. However, the question remains at what cost? Do the world has to be completely destroyed? I leave it your conscience as to which team do you choose (Team Destroy or Team Defend) for the greater good of the world.


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