Star Wars | Rogue One and Other Standalone Films.

Star Wars | Rogue One and Other Standalone Films.

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Star Wars: A Rogue One Story is a standalone film of Star Wars, directed by Gareth Edwards. An independent turned successful mainstream filmmaker. Earlier, he had made an indie film, Monster (2010) which was well received, winning awards for best first film, best direction, and technical achievement from British Independent Film Award. And, went on to make rebooted version of Godzilla (2014), which proved as both critical acclaim and commercial success as well.

George Lucas intended to build Star Wars by delegating it to indie turned mainstream filmmakers, he partially achieved it in doing so. That’s how, Gareth Edwards got the opportunity of directing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Reportedly, the plot revolves around the rebellion’s attempt in acquiring the technical details of Death Star. The mammoth floating spacecraft houses the empire, Lord Sith, Darth Vader and their followers. The purpose of the death star is destroy planets through focussing its high intensity laser beam on the target planets of rebels, the good side of the force. Therefore, its been speculated that, despite the fact that Darth Vader is dead, he will be back on the screen after decades as he is one of the pivotal roles of the plot.

Since, the story is about conceiving plans for destruction of Death Star or acquiring technical blueprint, the story should be happening even before Episode IV happened (originally episode I).

The other standalone movies of the franchise that are either in conceptualization or production are OBI WAN and Anakin, C – 3PO One Shot, New Republic: Bloodline, Aftermath: Life Debt, Han Solo Movie, unconfirmed one anthology film.

The mainstream films that are in production include Star Wars: Episode VIII (May 2017), directed by Looper fame Rian Johnson and to be announced Star Wars: Episode IX (2019).

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