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Have you ever imagined of interspecies prostitution? If it sounds weird and awkward, then you have not seen District 9 yet.

District 9 was released in 2009, it was an indiefilm but produced by the then indie film maker Peter Jackson ( his earlier movies were independent and then transitioned to mainstream). The film is first of its kind about aliens invading and colonising earth. But, they are detained as slaves by humans, experiments are carried out on them,  and they are physical and sexually abused. In between, a social worker in the process of persuading aliens to give up their rebellion and take orders from human bosses, is exposed to alien’s body chemical, and transforms to alien. Whether he is reinstated as human or what happens next is the film all about. It was very intruigingly made.

Upon its release in 2009, the debutant director Neill Blomkamp was just 29 years old, and made the cinephile and studios to look at him and ask ” Where did you get the talent from?”. He then made Elysium, which did not fare well. He made his comeback with Chappie. The director has been able to give a new kind and original films mainly because of his lead actor Sharlto Copley. He is both versatile and phenomenal. District 9 is a must watch for all independent film and mainstream cinema enthusiasts.


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