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Star wars is the one of the greatest films ever made in the history of cinema. And, it has the largest fan base ever. It is not a science fiction, fantasy, alien or time travel film. Its an emotional drama between father and son in the backdrop of intergalactic conflicts between good and evil.

Where and when does the story happen?

The time period, where travelling at the speed of light is made possible. Therefore, exploring galaxies is not a challenge anymore. Trade is flourished between the occupants of galaxies. The nature is referred as ‘Force’, and it has good and dark side (evil). People, derive strength from force. Therefore, the most famous quote ‘ Let the force be with you ‘ is abundantly used throughout the series.


Though, the film has multiple characters, only two characters are of paramount importance. They are Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. Who are they. They are father and son. Let’s dissect them first, and comprehend their characteristics, which would help us in getting better understanding of the plot.

Anakin Skywalker –


He is a child prodigy, the sole fastest pilot in all of the galaxies. He leads his life in harmony with his mother. His expertise is exhibited in a competition and needed by the good side of the force to combat dark side.  In meantime, his mother is murdered by the dark side. Subsequently, he joins the force and fights the evil. In the process, he also finds his partner and marries her. When all seems to recover for him, a series of personal tragedies happen again, his wife goes through difficulties in surviving the pregnancy, he is deprived of peace and love. And he has to make a choice between fighting for the good side of the force and embracing the dark side as the evil has already promised to save his wife. Eventually, he is completely poisoned and joins the dark side and transitions to Darth Vader ( the captain of the dark side/evil).


The episodes I,II and III are about the evolution of Anakin Skywalker and his transformation to dark side as Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker –


Luke is also extremely able and as good as his father (Anakin), but he does not know that Darth Vader is his father as he is grown by foster family, and his origin is deliberately kept as secret by good side of the force. When the dark side’s atrocities become intolerable, the good side of the force makes Luke to get trapped in series of circumstances to fight against evil. Still, he is not made known that Darth Vader is his father. Only the good side of the force knows that Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is Luke’s father, and Luke wouldn’t kill his father, if he is made known. Eventually, Luke fights with Darth Vader. Instinctively, Darth Vader realises that his son (Luke) is the one who stands against him. So, hesitates to kill his son. The lord of the dark side realises it, and attempts to kill Luke. Darth Vader rescues his son, and kills the Lord of the dark side. In the fight, Darth Vader gets fatally injured, redeems his sins, and dies. The dark side is completely eliminated. Peace is restored in the galaxies.


Episodes IV, V and VI revolve around the conflict between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, destruction of dark side and restoration of peace.


So, what happens in Episode VII?


In brief, the plot happens exactly 30 years after destruction of dark side. The dark side of the force resumes again. Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts are not known as he feels morally responsible for training someone who has brought back the dark side to existence. The entire episode VII is about finding Luke Skywalker as he is the one who can again destroy the dark side. Towards the end, Luke Skywalker is found. Many new characters are introduced in this episode, but their origins are not revealed. Perhaps, more answers would come in the following episodes of VIII and IX.

Authored by: BT, Film Theorist

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Have you ever imagined of interspecies prostitution? If it sounds weird and awkward, then you have not seen District 9 yet.

District 9 was released in 2009, it was an indiefilm but produced by the then indie film maker Peter Jackson ( his earlier movies were independent and then transitioned to mainstream). The film is first of its kind about aliens invading and colonising earth. But, they are detained as slaves by humans, experiments are carried out on them,  and they are physical and sexually abused. In between, a social worker in the process of persuading aliens to give up their rebellion and take orders from human bosses, is exposed to alien’s body chemical, and transforms to alien. Whether he is reinstated as human or what happens next is the film all about. It was very intruigingly made.

Upon its release in 2009, the debutant director Neill Blomkamp was just 29 years old, and made the cinephile and studios to look at him and ask ” Where did you get the talent from?”. He then made Elysium, which did not fare well. He made his comeback with Chappie. The director has been able to give a new kind and original films mainly because of his lead actor Sharlto Copley. He is both versatile and phenomenal. District 9 is a must watch for all independent film and mainstream cinema enthusiasts.


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