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The Crash (2004) is a highly recommended masterpiece, directed by the writer of Million Dollar Baby, Paul Haggis. Crash is a melodramatic and realistic film, about the differences between people, on the trivial issue of skin color, which is one of the main reasons causing conflicts among mankind. It deals with how cruelly people are obsessed with racism, and the impacts it make on their lives.

The most important emotional aspect of the film is, the people who are hated the most by other race, are the ones who actually rescue the haters from crisis and save their very lives. An accident collides all of their lives and make them realize their mistakes and redeem their sins. Its ensemble cast, mainly comprises of Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock, and Thandie Newton. The film won three Oscars in 2005, for best picture, writing/original screenplay, and editing.

Author: BT, Film Theorist
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Rationale: #Joker was never a villan nor a hero. He intended to restore balance in #Gotham city as he believed, goodness in abundance would eventually lead to destruction. He was a symbol more than #Batman, and was never really killed by Batman either, he chose to die once. He exists spiritually and would surface, when its needed.

Actor: #HeathLedger [ Posthumously received Oscar for best performance in a supporting role for Joker. In 2016, a documentary reveled the self written notes by Heath Ledger himself on how did the character take over him. He locked himself in a room and didn’t come out for months even before the shoot started. He enacted the character in front of the mirror, gradually got obsessed, and became the character for real. Even Nolan mentioned that he was calm throughout the production and always pondering about the character, he lived as Joker on and off the set. Eventually, obsession led to his biological death. He does exist spiritually among many of us]

Film: #TheDarkKnight
Writers: #ChristopherNolan , #JonathanNolan

Author: BT, Film Theorist


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