The Making of Revenant: Cinematography, Episode 1

The Making of Revenant: Cinematography, Episode 1

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The three times consecutive academy award winner for best cinematography ( Gravity – 2014, Birdman
– 2015, The Revenant – 2016), Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC, intended to use film stock for shooting
The Revenant. The rationale why cinematographers choose film over digital camera, in the era of digital
ubiquity is that, films let them capture images with more details, which means more information can be
captured and exhibited on the screen, most importantly, films can be enlarged to larger formats on the
without pixelating or grains.

Emmanuel Lubezki started shooting The Revenant with film. The whole film had to be shot in natural
light. In order to open the eyes of a camera, massive artificial lighting is required. Therefore, film did not
work, because of poor natural light conditions, images were produced with grains.

ARRI had recently launched its digital camera and lenses for large format shooting, ARRI Alexa digital 65mm. Emmanuel Lubezki switched to Alexa digital as the main unit camera and the transition produced desired results. ‘ The Alexa 65 camera and lenses helped us express how we felt in the forest, in the snow, the subtle changes of natural light.’ says, Emmanuel Lubezki.



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