Why Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, must be seen on IMAX?

Why Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, must be seen on IMAX?

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IMAX has released a video and image explaining on one of the reasons why should you watch Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice in IMAX. Although, the entire film has not been shot using IMAX cameras. Select footages such as the epic battle scenes between Batman and Superman, the eventual battle with Doomsday, introduction of superheroes who are going to be united in Justice League were shot in IMAX.
‘IMAX cameras magnify the experience and make the world of BvS, more vivid and clear’ says Zack Snyder. IMAX is meant for nature photography, lately filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, Michael Bay and Zack Snyder transitioned into cinema camera as they are needed to visually present massive images and make the experience holistic for audiences. It happens only with IMAX.

The cinematographer of BvS, Larry Fong, A.S.C said, Snyder chose to use IMAX, and wanted us to push it a lot, making more movements. The camera is humongous in size, and challenging to move around. However, Larry Fong managed to take dolly, technocrane and even handheld shots with IMAX, which is not generally possible. The dream combat sequence is a single take continuous shot, and IMAX has produced amplified images. Zack Snyder was excited and jumped after watching the IMAX version. Thanks to the cinematographer and the visual effects team.

The aspect ratio is one of the main reasons for making the IMAX experience unique and complete. The standard projectors feature in 2.4:1, whereas IMAX Xenon/Digital system projects in 1.9:1, IMAX Laser and film 70mm systems project in 1.43:1. What do they really mean? The movie BvS has expanded aspect ratio, which means it carries more details, they are needed to seen on the large format screens so as to see the images. The regular projections and screens technically cannot provide the complete images, the filmmaker intended the audiences to watch. Therefore, you get to see more of the films shot on IMAX or BvS only on IMAX.
Zack Snyder talking on IMAX experience:

You know it, when you see it.
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